Moving in

Note: When I preview this blog post, the sound is not working on the videos. I have no idea why because it plays for me on YouTube. If it doesn’t work, try pasting the following urls into your browser and maybe that will work: and

If you are interested in what our apartments are like, here are two videos. EPIK is supposed to give single people a studio apartment and married couples at least a one-bedroom apartment. However, EPIK said it was having trouble finding couples housing so asked if we’d take two studios in the same building, and we obliged.
We lucked out because the previous teachers left us tons of furniture, bedding, food, cleaning supplies, etc. The apartment we chose to live in already feels like home. And the good news? Now we have a guest room! So get packing, friends.

Click here for my video.
And click here to see Matt’s video.



4 thoughts on “Moving in

  1. Thanks for the tour, guys, of your two nice apartments. The videos make it almost like being there! And it’s so great that the previous occupants made them welcoming for you.

    • Haha. I was shooting video while exploring. … Still haven’t gotten used to having to stand in a certain spot just to close the bathroom door.

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