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Bathroom blunders


Hmmm. This toilet looks fancy. I should probably push some buttons!

At my orientation, a few of the toilets had high-tech toilets with rows of buttons on them. I never tried pushing any, but I was pleasantly surprised a few times when I used the bathroom during a break and discovered heated seats.

It was particularly cold my first week at school; the hallways are not heated at all, and the classrooms are cold. A lot of students and teachers leave their coats on the whole day.

There generally is not toilet paper in the bathroom, so you need to bring your own with you. All the teachers keep a roll of toilet paper on their desks and carry it with them when they head to the bathroom.

My school has the fancy button toilets in the female teachers’ bathroom as well. One day after school I was freezing, and I remembered the heated seats. I took a look at the buttons and decided the first button was probably the heater. I pushed it. Nothing. Hmmm. While still standing I pushed button number 2.

A small nozzle popped out and started spraying water in a steady stream up and out of the toilet bowl! This wasn’t just any little trickle, but a powerful spray. I tried to push the button again to turn the water off but nothing happened. Water sprayed the back of the stall door, and I tried to close the lid of the toilet to squelch the flow. It was a no go, and the flimsy lid was no match for the water’s spray.

Eventually I got the water turned off. The large puddle on the floor was a different monster as there was no extra toilet paper or paper towels to be found. I tried to use the mop to send the water toward the drain and quickly exited the bathroom, never to attempt to heat my seat again.



7 thoughts on “Bathroom blunders

  1. Ahhh, that made me giggle after a long day at the office! It’s good to have a little fun with our blunders in life! Keep up the blog – enjoy it very much. Gayla

  2. Hilarious! I’ve never understood how people actually effectively use that function of a toilet (the upwards spray)….seems like a tough thing to pull off.

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