Lost in Translation / Teaching

The machines aren’t taking over yet

We use Cool Messenger at my school, which is a type of instant messenger service. Since everyone’s names are in Hangul, it takes me a long time to figure out who I want to write to. I also don’t know very many people’s names yet, though everyone knows mine.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my co-teacher where my after school classes would take place. “Didn’t you get the message?” she asked. It turns out I had gotten that message, along with a message about where to pick up my student list for the attendance sheet and another message asking for my photo. The problem? These messages had come to me in Korean, so I had assumed they were schoolwide messages that I didn’t need to take action on. I’ve been copy and pasting the text into Google Translate. That yields such gems as:

After school will

I’m sorry, but during after school timetable.
Class will be changed to March 19, March 21.
 (I know that the parents by the General Assembly 21 ilnal heh heh heh.)

Please write the teachers in charge of was March 19, when creating a plan map
Now I’ve started asking my co-teacher to translate all the messages that seem important after my Google Translate attempts. So translators and language teachers: the machines aren’t taking over our jobs yet. If Google can’t make an accurate translator, I don’t know who can.


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