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World famous

One of my high school co-teachers.

One of my high school co-teachers.

Some students in the high school.

Some students in the high school.

This is when I start rambling. It says Alli in Korean (Hangul) at the top left in the blue.

Teaching in the high school.

Teaching in the high school.

A news station came to the my high school last week and filmed one of my classes. The program focused on the English program at my school and the dormitory where many students live.

I was nervous for the taping, especially since my co-teacher told me not to prepare any specific lesson as we should just wait to see what the producer wanted us to do. We met with the students the day before the taping, and they were also very nervous. I went to each student and asked a general question to get them all comfortable and let them know that I wouldn’t throw out anything new in front of the cameras.

On the day of the taping we thought the crew would be in around 3, and they didn’t end up coming until after 4 p.m., which meant that my students were anxious for a long time. But they did wonderful, and we played a game of Taboo while waiting, which also made it on air.

A couple of days after the filming, two of Matt’s students told him, “We saw your wife yesterday.” He said, “Oh really? When you were walking to school?” When they told him they saw me on TV, he was pretty surprised.

To watch the video, follow these three steps: Click this link. Click the third button under the picture. Then, a series of videos will come up. The text is all in Korean, but look for the date 2013-04-17. Click the little TV icon that says VOD next to it. Wait for the video to load and scroll to the 29:30 mark. My class is shown until about 31:40, and then some other classes and teachers are shown for a few minutes more.

I got nervous when the producer asked me about the students, and I rambled on about how they are competitive and love games, rather than their English abilities. Oh well. It was fun and exciting to see my students and two co-teachers on the news.


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