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Getting tricky with it

Last weekend, Matt and I traveled to Busan, which is the second-largest city in Korea. It’s on the south coast, so it took about five hours to get there. We met up with one of our friends from orientation and her friend and had a great three-day weekend visiting a temple, a park, the Busan Aquarium and the beach.

We also visited a quirky little place called the Trick Eye Museum where you can insert yourself into photos. Behold, the beauty:



Quick. We need some won to pay our bus fare!

Quick. We need some won to pay our bus fare!

Help us!

Help us!


Oh, Matt.

Oh, Matt.

OK, OK. But I can only stay for a minute.

OK, OK. But I can only pose for a minute.



Strong man.

Strong man.

Head on a platter.

Head on a platter.

Mirror image.

Mirror image.


It's all a balancing act.

It’s all a balancing act.

Catch me!

Catch me!





The bed of nails didn't really work out.

The bed of nails didn’t really work out.



10 thoughts on “Getting tricky with it

  1. I love the pictures! I hope when you come back, you’ll get some framed. I would like a few myself — the vastness of the perceptions is eye-opening and makes you think (which is a feat in itself for some of us!)

    • I like the “mirror image” a lot for some reason. We will frame some photos when we get back to the U.S., but we are probably going to have thousands to choose from!

    • Yes, it helped to have others. Matt kept offering to take photos for another couple, so that’s how we got the one of the four us when they took it for us. The place wasn’t very busy, but it was soooo hot inside!

  2. Smiling BIG with these pictures. Fun…fun and more fun…Glad you can take a weekend and travel. Thanks for sharing!

    With school getting out over here…….when is school out there? Or is it?

    • Hi Aunt Bev!

      School is on a different schedule here than in the U.S. the school year starts March 1. Then students have a few weeks to a one-month break from July-August. The second semester goes from late August to end of December. Then they get Jan. 1-end of February off.

      But Matt and I will not get those long breaks off. We’ll have to teach some winter and summer camps and “desk warm” even when school is not in session. But we get eight days off during summer break and 10 days off during winter break when we plan to travel to other countries.

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