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Prove you love me: Wear my clothes

Korea has some interesting fashion choices. Some of it is very cool and unique, while some things are almost unexplainable. One fashion trend here is something we like to call “Couples Clothing.”

While walking around in Korea, it is extremely common to see a boyfriend and girlfriend wearing the same exact outfit. It’s some sort of expression that they are together, kind of like a friendship bracelet on steroids. Alli and I do not need to go far in the big cities like Seoul or Busan to see this strange phenomenon in action.

The outfits can range from subtle things like the same shirt or shoes, to the same style with a color swap like old school Mortal Kombat (bonus points if you get that reference), to perfectly identical from head to toe like they are in some type of cult. We’ve even see women who’ve managed to find dresses that perfectly match the men’s collared shirt! Even the mannequins display this bizarre fashion style.

It was very jarring to see couples clothing the first time, but as our life in Korea has matured, we have come to expect this on an almost daily basis. Still, no matter how many times we see it we are always excited to yell out “couple, couple, couple!”


That type of identical shirts can't be coincidence

I think this was probably just a coincidence. …


Opposites attract.

At the movies

Even at the movies. And yes, that is a bunny ears headband she’s wearing.


Mannequins can date, too, you know.

How sweet!

“How sweet it is to be dressed like you!” That’s the way the song goes, right?


Matching dress and shirt

Matching dress and shirt


5 thoughts on “Prove you love me: Wear my clothes

  1. Love this! I thoroughly enjoy your documentary. I think at this end of all this, you guys should submit it somewhere …. either news or TV..

  2. “How sweet it is to be dressed like you”….the perfect spoof song to be recorded in Korea. You should get your guitar playing friends from the youtube video to record that one!

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