Rockets’ Red Glare

I had been waiting to go hiking up Geumhak Mountain at night for quite some time and our new neighbor Cal was up for it. So we picked a clear night, packed our flashlights and warm clothes, bought some beer and kimbap (Korean sushi without the raw fish), and headed up.

It was already starting to get dark, so we went extremely fast on the way up. We made it in under an hour — which if you see this mountain is quite a pace. The top of Geumhak Mountain is a lookout for the military, so there are soldiers and we let them know that we were there. At the top, we opened up our beers and had some food. All of a sudden, I heard a very loud sound like a huge rush of wind. I looked over and see a rocket shooting up behind the mountain we were climbing. Then flares started to go up on a few of the surrounding peaks. We just stared and watched all of this activity. It was surreal and amazing. Apparently, the sounds we sometimes hear at night are coming from the other side of Geumhak Mountain. The military is training all the time, and this was part of their drills. The flares are used as some type of communication. It was eerie but fascinating.

After watching this display, we went down, stopping a few times to admire the view of Dongsong at night, which was spectacular. Nighttime makes our town look quite big. It was a great hike that produced some interesting surprises. Beer and fried chicken awaited us at the bottom.

Hawk Rock, halfway there

Hawk Rock, halfway there



A view behind Guemhak Mountain

A view behind Geumhak Mountain

Almost nighttime

Almost nighttime

Dongsong at night

Dongsong at night

Hawk Rock on the way down, a little cooler!

Hawk Rock on the way down; a little cooler!


2 thoughts on “Rockets’ Red Glare

  1. Another great adventure…it looks to me like you’ve dropped a few of the pounds I noticed earlier on in this experience! That sunset shot is unreal….one of those moments where you’re just lucky to have a camera to capture it!

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