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No, it’s ketchup

The students crack me up sometimes. Today, the textbook had the dialog:

A: It’s Thanksgiving Day today.
B: Remember to cook turkey.

So, I explained Thanksgiving Day by relating it to the Korean Chuseok holiday and asking what Koreans eat on Chuseok. After pulling up a picture of a turkey to show the class, one student asked me if that is all Americans eat on Thanksgiving or if Americans eat other things, as well. So I took that opportunity to pull up a plate of some typical Thanksgiving food.

The mashed potatoes had my students intrigued, but they also wondered about the red sauce.

Photo credit: Flickr. The image in question

Photo credit: Flickr.
The image in question

Student 1: What is the red sauce?
Student 2: Ketchup?
Students 3 and 4: Ah, ketchup.
Me: No, it’s cranberry sauce.
Student 1: Cranberry?
Me: Yes, it’s a sauce made from berries.
Student 2: No. It’s ketchup.
Students 5, 6 and 7: (Like the light bulb went off) Ah, ketchup!
My co-teacher: (Speaking in Korean) It’s not ketchup. It’s a sauce made from some berries that are red. They’re called cranberries.
Students: Hmmm. Cranberries? No. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries. … Cranberries? Hmm…
Me: Yes. It is definitely not ketchup. It’s cranberry sauce.
Student 2: Ketchup?


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