South Korea

Haunted Korea


I went with some friends to a place considered one of the scariest places on Earth, Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital. It tops the list of scary places in Korea (see here) and CNN has it listed as number seven in their top creepiest places on Earth (see here) This is a place that used to house insane people; the owner went insane, and it was abandoned in 1996 for no apparent reason. People were mysteriously dying there. Then the patients were released and the people working there left. Sightings of ghosts and ominous sounds are reported there all the time. So we decided we must check it out.

We went to the city of Gwangju to find the place. After some impressive navigating by my friend Cal, we arrived. The place was chained up pretty good, but through the magic of the Internet, we learned of a small path around the back of an old house. We found that and went in. The place was amazing. There were offices in the front that seemed fairly normal. Walking through those revealed many items typically found in the workplace, but all the calendars were open to various months in 1996, which was really awesome and creepy.

Walking further down the halls, we got to the patient rooms. Every room had different things strewn about. Beds, chairs, clothes, games, shoes and various items were still inside. The rooms provided a glimpse into the lives of each patient. Some rooms had origami, some had crazy decor, and others had paintings on the walls. The door to each room had small windows on them for patient observation or possibly for feeding time. It was fun to imagine what had happened there.

While exploring the hospital further we found an eating area, caged basketball court and outside exercise zone. This was definitely one scary place that provided a fantastic day of wonder.

The Gate

The Gate

The Path

The Path

First Scare!

First Scare!

The Entrance

The Entrance

















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