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Solo Christmas

Christmas in Korea is quite different from Christmas in the United States and many other parts of the world. I was first alerted to this fact, of course, by my students.

“Are you excited for Christmas next week?” I innocently asked a class the week before Christmas. “Oh, solo Christmas!” students yelled. In my next class, while eliciting words related to Christmas, I got some standard responses: Santa, tree, snow, Rudolph, presents, etc. However, I also got “couples,” “girlfriend,” and “boyfriend.”

On further research I have discovered that although Christmas is celebrated in Korea, it is not the widely celebrated family event it is in the U.S. In Korea, Christmas is more of a day for couples to go out on a date to a nice dinner.

This video maybe sums it up best. “Lonely Christmas” by Crayon Pop with English subtitles. Enjoy ^^

^^ This little symbol is how you make a happy face when emailing or texting, rather than the sideways face I’m used to doing. It is supposed to be eyes that get squinty when smiling.


4 thoughts on “Solo Christmas

  1. Love the squinty eyes thing! That’s great. VERY interesting to learn of the differences in culture. We’ll have to get on Skype soon, I miss you guys!!!!

    • Thanks, Jay! The solo Christmas thing definitely surprised me when all the kids were moaning about solo Christmas. I’m like, “ok… but you get the day of school!!”

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